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I’m a Blogger….and I love it!!!

So I’ve never been one who works for free. In fact, I’ve avoided it with all my might. But I love running and I love this web site. Brandon is a great friend and as I continue to search for another journalism, I want to keep writing and now I can write about something I love. Here is my first post. To see all subsequent posts, you can click here.

I’m super excited to join this group of bloggers. I found Claim Your Journey only about six months ago. In early 2011, while in a state of flux unemployment, I moved back home to Baton Rouge for financial reasons. Things have gone much better than I expected. Not perfect, but being the realist (grumpy journalist) about everything, I expected it to be quite horrible.
I am in my second semester as a coach for Girls on the Run of Greater Baton Rouge, a program and group of girls I absolutely adore, met many more runners through CYJ and Black Girls Run! Baton Rouge and New Orleans chapters and have realized how truly blessed I am. Everything about my situation could have been way worse. It is for millions of others right now. Since I started to run in late 2010, it’s become a way of keeping sane and just keeping things in perspective. I’m thinking about the day or about my life or talking to God about one or both of those things.

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