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School bus driver arrested after taking pills

A Barbe Elementary school bus driver was arrested early Wednesday for driving while intoxicated, according to authorities.

At around 6:30 a.m., Calcasieu deputies responded to a call about an erratic school bus driver on Elliott Road in south Lake Charles.

Another bus driver reportedly forced Brandi N. Hood, 32, of Sulphur to pull into the parking lot of St. John’s Elementary School.

There were no students on the bus.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Cpl. Robert Shortridge found that Hood was too impaired to perform a field sobriety test.

After Hood blew a .000 on a breath-alcohol test, deputies took her to a local hospital to draw blood for a toxicology report. Results reportedly take about a month.

Hood reportedly told deputies that she had taken Soma and Loracet pills earlier that morning.

The Calcasieu Parish School Board will use information from the arrest report in its internal investigation, said Charlene Chaisson, the school system’s public information officer.

“Officials look at things such as if there was a dereliction of duty or inappropriate actions during work hours,” Chaisson said.

She could not comment specifically on the Hood investigation because she said school officials are not allowed to publicly discuss personnel issues.

January 6, 2011 at 2:26 am

Teacher arrested; illegal drugs found in her classroom

*published May 25, 2010

A Fairview Elementary School teacher resigned and was arrested last Friday after bringing illegal prescription drugs to school, authorities said.

Kelly McMichael Fontenot, 38, of Ragley, was charged with two counts of possession of a Schedule IV drug, one count of possession of Schedule III drug, having drugs near a school, and obtaining a Legend drug by fraud.

Charlene Chiasson, Calcasieu Parish school system spokeswoman said Fairview Principal Lorette Bass “noticed some suspicious activity and contacted the superintendent.”

Chiasson said Bass was told to follow up on her suspicions, and Fontenot was given the option to resign.

Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kim Myers said Fontenot had several hydroco–done and Soma pill bottles in her purse but had no prescriptions for the drugs.

Deputies found more prescription pills in a container under her classroom desk, Myers said.

“We don’t do random drug testing. It’s only when teachers are entering the system,” Chiasson said. “But when officials suspect strange behavior, we want them to look into it as they feel the need.”


May 25, 2010 at 6:15 pm

4,500 pills found during traffic stop

*published Nov. 20, 2009

Bags and pills recovered from Thursday’s traffic stop. BY VANESSA C. DEGGINS

A traffic stop on Interstate 10 on Thursday led to the discovery of about 4,500 prescription pills, authorities said.

Cpl. William Kettler, a drug task force member, reportedly stopped Chasady L. Hargrave, 24, of Houma, at about 2 p.m. on I-10 East near Enterprise Boulevard.

A search of the car, done with Hargrave’s consent, turned up 25 paper bags, each containing four bottles of pills, authorities said. The drugs — including 3,000 hydrocone pills and 1,500 alprazolam, or Xanax, pills — are worth about $30,000, officials said.

Lt. Billy Chapman said officers aren’t sure what the other two types of pills were. None of the bottles had labels, authorities said.

The most common way for people to get large quantities of prescription drugs is to “doctor shop” and take the same prescription to multiple pain management clinics, acquiring a month’s worth of pills at each place.

“This is new, so our officers are still trying to figure out where these came from,” Chapman said.

Hargrave was charged with possession of Schedules III and IV drugs with intent to distribute.


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Local police break record for seized prescriptions

*Nov. 9, 2009
Task force director: Cooperation between states, laws necessary

Local law enforcers seized more than 3,100 prescription pills last week, pushing them past their 2008 record of 7,244 illegal pills confiscated, according to Combined Anti-Drug Task Force statistics.

Director Lt. Billy Chapman says he thinks good law enforcement has contributed to those numbers, but there are other factors that are more important.

In 2007, 56 people overdosed on prescription drugs in Calcasieu Parish. In 2008, there were 33 overdoses. So far this year, there have been 23.

“It’s a gradual decrease as we get everything working together,” Chapman said.

“Everything” isn’t just in Louisiana. Chapman said about 95 percent of all illegal drugs in Southwest Louisi–ana are coming from southeast Texas.

“We have local and federal officers we speak to every week in Houston and Orange and Beaumont,” Chapman said. “But they (in Texas) don’t have the laws in place yet to make arrests.”

The laws he is referring to would be similar to doctor shopping, drug-monitoring and labeling statutes in Louisiana that have been passed in the past three or four years.

A doctor-shopping bill would make it a felony to have a prescription filled at multiple clinics or pharmacies within a certain amount of time.

The Louisiana prescription drug-monitoring law gave the go-ahead to set up a database — accessible only by doctors, pharmacists and law enforcers — that shows how much of a scheduled drug was prescribed to a person in the state.

The most-recent law passed in Louisiana was to change Soma from a legend drug to a schedule IV drug. As a legend drug, doctors and pharmacists did not have to report how much of the drug they were prescribing and dispensing.

“This was a big step, because Soma is part of that trilogy of pills — along with hydrocodone and Xanax — people are getting when they doctor shop.

These laws have made it difficult to get large quantities of prescription pills in Louisiana, but a large supply is available across the border in Texas.

Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier had been working with Texas legislators to push through tougher regulations of prescription pills.

In this latest session, Texas passed a law that required all pain management clinics to be owned by a physician registered with the state board of health.

“Before, anybody could own a clinic and hire a doctor to run it,” Chapman said. “So what we were finding is the doctor was only there a few days a week and doctor’s assistants and nurses were writing the majority of the prescriptions.”

Texas’ Legislature meets every two years, instead of every year.

“People always need to understand that this takes time,” Chapman said. “When we got the prescription monitoring law passed, it took another year for us to get the database set up, and there is always something we can fix.”

A doctor-shopping bill will be presented in the next Texas Legislature.

“After that we’ll be rocking and rolling,” Chapman said. “The goal is always to stop it from even getting out there.”


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$68,000 worth of drugs seized

*published Nov. 3, 2009

Three traffic stops on I-10 lead to busts
Three separate traffic stops on Interstate 10 last week led to the seizure of more than $68,000 in prescription pills and illegal drugs — not record confiscations but a “significant pop,” said Lt. Billy Chapman, director of the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force.

At 6 p.m. Oct. 25, officers reportedly stopped Sylvinnia S. Moore, 28, and Samantha J. Lewis, 21, both of Mobile, Ala., on Interstate 10 in Lake Charles and found 120 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of their rented vehicle. They were traveling from Houston to Mobile, officers said.

At 9 p.m. Oct. 28, officers reportedly stopped Jonathan K. Kennerson, 23, of Houston, and Camiece M. Groves, 21, of Huffman, Texas, and found three bags — with 2,016 hydrocodone pills and 504 Xanax pills — hidden in the fender of their car. Kennerson was going to Lafayette, officers said.

At about midnight Oct. 29, officers stopped John H. LeGros, 30, of Roanoke, near Vinton and found 613 Lorcet pills and 46 Somas in his vehicle.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said the seizures were significant because District Attorney John DeRosier has been working hard to help control prescription drug abuse in the area.

“These are the pills that have been killing our young people in Calcasieu Parish,” DeRosier said.

He said state doctor-shopping laws and prescription pill monitoring systems have made it difficult for people to get such large amounts of drugs in the state.

“We made strides this year with the Texas Legislature passing laws to regulate pain management clinics,” he said. “We still have to get a doctor shopping statute there.”


Mancuso said agencies here are working with the Houston police, Harris Country deputies, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and drug task forces in Lafayette and Mobile.

“It’s been so important to combine our efforts with other local and federal law enforcement,” Mancuso said. “We have major waterways and a major interstate coming through the parish.”

Sgt. Gene Pittman with the local task force said well over 90 percent of the drugs in the area come in through Houston.


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