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Fix it first, then they will come

Residents say address present needs before selling north LC

North Lake Charles resident Doris Minard had a straightforward message for the redevelopment authority Monday: “Before you invite company to your house, you want to clean up first,” she said.

“The talk about bringing businesses to the area is a good thing, but we have a lot of areas that need to be cleaned up.”

Minard and other residents talked about drainage problems, open ditches and areas near schools that lack sidewalks. She said she has to call almost every month about overgrown vacant lots near her home on Mayo Street.

Theresa Baird agreed and expressed her hope that development extends beyond the areas along Interstate 10. Her biggest concern on cleanup was the number of homes that need to be repaired or demolished.

Authority member Rick Richard agreed with the residents, saying most things don’t get done unless a lot of residents complain.

“It’s a goofy system to me that it’s on the citizen’s back to make the call,” Richard said. “My theory is there should be someone riding around looking for these things.”

Richard said the property issues in north Lake Charles stem mainly from people who own property but don’t live in the area.

“People who own property and live in Lake Charles take care of their property,” he said.
The redevelopment auth–ority members said they would take the residents’ concerns to City Council members.

In their third meeting, board members also continued housekeeping duties, such as setting up a standardized system to add residents’ concerns to the agenda and making meeting minutes available.

Chairman Willie King said the board will meet with a consulting group July 1, along with George Swift with The Chamber/Southwest Louisiana.

The group will show development plans from other cities it has worked with.

Richard said he plans to bring a study done by the Army Corps of Engineers that outlines light manufacturing, along with residential and commercial development, in north Lake Charles.


June 29, 2010 at 8:15 pm