Police Jury to vote on map proposal April 7

March 30, 2011 at 12:54 am

*published Mar. 30, 2011

Calcasieu parish officials on Tuesday, presented a redistricting map filled with minor shifts in district lines.

“We focused on maintaining distinct communities, while still following federal laws,’’ said Kade Cole, the attorney who oversaw the redistricting.

The parish population according to the 2010 census is 192,768.

Majority minority districts, mandated by the Voting Rights Act, were slightly shifted south into central Lake Charles.

Each district would have a black voter population over 60 percent.

The second largest change was residents moving southwest in the parish, causing changes in Districts 6 and 7, which stretch from the airport to Ward Line Road.

The largest overall population increase was District 8 in south Lake Charles, which is the Barbe school district.

The Gillis area was moved from District 1 with Moss Bluff to District 10 with LeBleu Settlement.

A northern section of Westlake, would be moved from District 3 to District 14, with the rest of the city.

Far west districts that include the Vinton and Starks area were unchanged.

For an April 30 election, which is a local option election on Mojito Point casino resort, the polling places will be listed on the Police Jury website.

The Police Jury voting on the map on April 7.

Officials then send the map to the Department of Justice for approval, which takes about 120 days to review.


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