Official: Cameron beaches still oil-free and open to public

June 25, 2010 at 7:16 pm

*published June 25, 2010

CREOLE — All Cameron Parish beaches are clean and open to the public, Clifton Hebert, parish emergency preparedness director, said Thursday.

At about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, the American Press received a call from a Cameron Parish resident who said she saw dead, oil-covered animals on Rutherford Beach.

The American Press observed two dead dolphins, each about a half-mile apart. Parts of the animals were black, but neither they nor the sand had oil on it, and there was no smell of oil.

Hebert said he has heard no reports of oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak coming this far west. He said the dark color occurs on the animals during decomposition.

“More than likely, there would be oil visible in the sand and water as well,” Hebert said.
He said the dolphins were likely caught in menhaden, or pogy, fishing nets. “We had a bunch of pogies wash on shore yesterday, from a broken net,” Hebert said.

Hebert took pictures and GPS coordinates of both animals to give to state fisheries officials, who will go out today to run tests.

“We’ve definitely been keeping a close watch,” Hebert said. “About every other day agents are driving all of the beaches, checking for oil.”

On March 13, residents reported seeing tar balls at Holly Beach and Johnson Bayou, but officials didn’t think they they were connected with the spill.

From the shore of Rutherford Beach about half a dozen offshore platforms are visible.

The Louisiana National Guard is in Cameron Parish to place a Hesco barrier wall along about eight miles of shoreline. The barriers, filled with sand, are meant to protect the marshes.

Residents with any information are urged to call the parish office of emergency preparedness at 775-7048.


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