Dry conditions make fireworks especially dangerous

July 2, 2009 at 1:44 am Leave a comment

*published July 2, 2009

As July Fourth approaches, firefighters want residents to be cautious when handling fireworks.

“The area is still suffering from abnormally dry conditions,” said Chief T.A. Jones with the Lake Charles Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau.

He said officials don’t expect enough rain in the next two days to change that.

Fire prevention officers in Westlake, Iowa, Sulphur and DeQuincy stressed that municipal ordinances make it illegal to use fireworks within the city or town limits.

“You can be fined and face possible jail time,” Jones said. “If it causes damage to property, you could be charged with more serious crimes.”

Jones said he recommends that residents go to professional fireworks displays and not to use commercial fireworks at all.

He said adults should supervise fireworks use at homes. Children younger than 9 shouldn’t use any, Jones said.

“In 2006, there were about 32,000 fires as a result of fireworks, and about 1,000 were structure (or building) fires,” he said. “And children between the ages of 5 and 9 are twice as likely to be injured by fireworks.”

Jones said all fireworks should be launched from a hard surface, such as a driveway, and not in the grass.

“Be very careful with bottle rockets, because you have no control over their direction after you light it,” he said.

Residents should keep a bucket of water nearby for fireworks that don’t fully discharge. Do not try to relight them, Jones said.

People should also be careful with sparklers, which, Jones said, most people don’t think are that dangerous.

“They get to about 1,500 degrees when they are lit,” he said. He suggested consumers look for sparklers attached to wooden sticks.

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